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New Working Group Drones & UAS

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Unmanned Aircraft System operations are becoming part of the Swiss airspace environment, as the use of UAS for professional activities is experimenting a rapid growth and being accepted by the society. Incorporating UAS operations into the current aerospace scenario represents a challenge for the industry, but at the same time a big opportunity for both UAS and manned aviation.

In the “Drones & UAS” working group, we aim to promote an exchange of information within industry stakeholders, with the goal to maintain our group members informed on the new challenges that the entry of UAS into the highly regulated aviation industry supposes, and bringing the UAS industry closer to the traditional manned aviation.

The new working group “Drones & UAS” is dedicated to focus on developing, manufacturing, certifying, operating and providing services for unmanned air vehicles.

We are hosting a “Call for Interest” on Friday, 19 June 2020, members and non-members can register for the online event here:

Link to Registration for the “Call for Interest”

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